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The value of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in the past few years, with a single bitcoin costing thousands of dollars. Because of this, cryptocurrency is being stolen from people, whether via hacking, scamming, or extortion. 

Studies show that many of investors have undergone at least one significant loss, with some costing over $50,000. Thanks to funds recovery experts, the investors recovered the funds they lost and restored their financial standing. 

One in four investors has lost a significant amount of money to a cryptocurrency investment scam in the financial market—such as bitcoin investments. These statistics have seen a steady rise due to the current economic situation. 

What to Do After You Lose Your Money to a Cryptocurrency Scam

You’ve lost some money to a cryptocurrency scam, so the next step to take is to start figuring out how to get it back. After suffering a loss, most people decide to give up on investing in cryptocurrency altogether, but you don’t have to do that. Instead, you can start recovering your lost cryptocurrency by hiring a cryptocurrency funds recovery expert. 

If you need help retrieving scammed bitcoin, recovering stolen cryptocurrency, reporting a cryptocurrency scammer to recover lost bitcoin cryptocurrency, you have different options to choose from. Some of the options to get your money back from a cryptocurrency scammer are: 

  • Hiring a bitcoin cryptocurrency recovery expert
  • Hiring a funds recovery expert
  • Following funds recovery processes

How to Recover lost Cryptocurrency Funds

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that serves as a means to exchange funds through the use of cryptography. Cryptocurrency is also helpful to control the creation of additional units of the particular currency, transfer of funds, and secure these transfers. 

Generally, Bitcoin is viewed as the first-ever international cryptocurrency. Ever since its introduction in 2009, over 4,000 alternate cryptocurrencies have been created. In 2018 alone, losses to cryptocurrency scams were estimated at $1.7 billion.

The cryptocurrency scammers used a variety of methods, from blackmail and extortion to old-school scams. Ponzi schemes were quite popular that year—the fraudsters took money that was meant to be invested into cryptocurrency from new investors and used it to pay off old investors. 

They also used a more technologically advanced and sophisticated method, the pump-and-dump method. It involves software that is designed for instant messaging among people that have invested in or are interested in cryptocurrency. The goal of pump-and-dump groups is to cause a speculative purchase frenzy and cash in on unsuspecting investors. 

Services Offered by Cryptocurrency Funds Recovery Experts

Many different companies offer help with cryptocurrency funds recovery, but they all offer the same services even though they may have different methods and prices. The following are services offered by cryptocurrency funds recovery experts:

Accessing Locked Wallets

If you’ve forgotten the password to your wallet, you can’t access the funds, so they’re stuck there. That is unless you contact a cryptocurrency funds recovery expert, who can help you access various wallets that you’ve forgotten the password to. 

Accessing Older Wallet Versions

If you can’t seem to access your wallet with the most recent wallet software version, but you know your password, cryptocurrency funds recovery experts can help you access the wallet and sort out the software issues. 

Accessing Wallets in Watch Only

When your wallet is in watch only, it becomes inaccessible. Cryptocurrency funds recovery experts are able to help you access your funds. 

Retrieving Cryptocurrency Sent to the Wrong Address

If you’ve accidentally transferred your cryptocurrency to an invalid or wrong address, cryptocurrency funds recovery experts can help you recover your virtual currency and even transfer it to the right address. 

Recovering Cryptocurrency from a Device with a Virus

If the device your cryptocurrency is stored on has been infected with a virus, cryptocurrency funds recovery experts can help you clear your system of the virus while keeping your cryptocurrency safe and secure. 

Recovering Cryptocurrency after Storage Problems

If you’ve stored your cryptocurrency on a phone, USB drive, computer, or hard disk and are now unable to access it because of software or hardware issues, cryptocurrency funds recovery experts can help you solve the problem and recover your data. 

Recovering Deleted Data

If you’ve recently deleted data and accidentally deleted your cryptocurrency as well, cryptocurrency funds recovery experts can help you recover the data as well as your virtual currency. 

The processes involved in cryptocurrency funds recovery requires a lot of patience because it can take up to months before your funds are recovered. Most investors that had their money recovered didn’t get it until four to six weeks later. 


A quality cryptocurrency funds recovery experts team consists of professionals that will help you recover your funds as soon as possible. They use efficient and calculated methods that allow them to track down and recover your funds, which gives them a high success rate. 


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