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Action Refund is a scam recovery site based in Israel that helps victims of fraud retrieve their money from scammers. The digitized world has created a hunting ground for scammers to prey on unsuspecting individuals trying to invest their money. There are hundreds of different scams that can easily seem legitimate to someone looking to invest. 

Some scam recovery companies help people regain their funds, but not all of these companies are trustworthy. There is little regulation online for these types of scams which makes them easy for fraudsters to commit. Scams have left thousands of people embarrassed and robbed with nowhere to turn. Knowing what scam recovery companies are going to help you is difficult. Some companies are going to continue to take advantage of your situation. 

Belgium – Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) received a report on Action Refund, and in response, they issued a warning about the company to consumers. A report and warning is a red flag if you are considering Action Refund for your recovery service. 

Action Refund Services 

Action Refund offers scam recovery services to help you retrieve money that you lost due to fraud. They focus on Binary Options, CFD, Forex, and Cryptocurrency scams. These are some of the most common scams run on the internet to unsuspecting people. Additionally, they promise to expertly handle all types of scams like dating site scams, lottery scams, work from home scams, tax fraud scams, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, and sports betting scams. 

Action Refund boasts knowledgeable recovery experts that will work tirelessly to get your money back. They claim to have recovered over $300,000 in stolen funds for their clients. 

The Action Refund website promises its clients a step-by-step plan to recover their funds. First is a free consultation where they will establish the legitimacy of your case and devise a plan of action. They will represent you in front of your bank, the fraudulent company, and regulators. Their process promises that they will do everything in their power to get you a refund and keep your money safe. 

Like many scam recovery sites, Action Refund states they use chargebacks to save your money from fraud. A chargeback means they cancel a credit or debit transaction after the fact. Chargebacks sound simple, but Action Refund says there is a lot of information you need to have ready for your bank and that you only get one chance to dispute the charge. This language is to intimidate you into using their services so they can take advantage of you again.  

Is Action Refund a Scam?

There are a handful of reviews stating Action Refund was able to help someone attain a portion of their money that was stolen. On the other hand, many reviews are unfavorable. Action Refund has been accused of pocketing its upfront service fees and never attempting to resolve the individual’s case.  

They may seem like the solution to your stolen money, but Action Refund will scam you again if you give them the opportunity. They specifically target those that have already fallen victim to the same type of fraud and feel vulnerable and ashamed. 

Got Scammed by Action Refund? 

Don’t worry; there are solutions! If Action Refund scammed you out of money, there are ways you can get your money back without trying to fight with your bank. 

The main goal is to try and recover your money but also help the online world become a safer place to invest and trade, so you should report the company to the FTC or the proper authorities in your country. This helps them monitor scam sites more effectively, and you could also save someone else from being robbed of their hard-earned money. 

Action Refund takes advantage of people that have already been scammed, but that does not mean all scam recovery companies are untrustworthy. If Action Refund robbed you, you could visit legitimate scam recovery websites that will do their best to get your money back. 

Remain vigilant in your online investing and trading by looking out for companies just like Action Refund and ensuring you do not put your money in the wrong hands. 


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